Lake Cumberland Jammers
Every Tuesday Night
6 to 8:30 PM
Carnegie Community Arts Center
107 North Main Street
Somerset, KY 42501

$2.00 (Donation)

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The Lake Cumberland Jammers meet every Tuesday night at the Carnegie Community Arts Center - located at 107 North Main Street, in Somerset, KY. Beginning about 5:30 PM, musicians (pickers) and spectators (grinners) begin arriving at the jam, and by 6 PM the music begins in full swing. Folks are treated to an evening of down-home music and refreshments are provided free.

The pickers sit in a large semi-circle and take turns singing and leading the others in their favorite songs. The music ranges from old time favorites, bluegrass standards, country classics , gospel songs, to original songs by some of the “jammers”. Members of the audience will occasionally step into the circle to sing one of their favorites.

The Lake Cumberland Jammers began in July, 2006, after a chance meeting of like minded pickers who suggested starting up a regular weekly pickin' jam that would be open to area "pickers" and 'grinners', and also act as a fund raiser for local charities.

The Jam has been a success from the very first gathering and is now in its 7th year. Two notable programs that have developed out of the Jam are the fundraising sale of jars of "Pickin' Jam", in 5 delicious flavors, and a regular series of concerts to benefit the Carnegie Community Arts Center and local charities.

Our Mission:

The Lake Cumberland Jammers was created to provide a weekly venue and fellowship where Somerset area musicians can gather to perform, share, and learn songs, with the emphasis on acoustic music in the bluegrass, country, folk, gospel, and old-timey styles. In addition to the weekly gathering, in the spirit of promoting and sharing music in these genres, occasional concerts and festivals will be presented.

Your $2.00 Donation: The Lake Cumberland Jammers appreciate your $2.00 donation. 50% ($1.00) of your donation pays for the use of the building. The second 50% ($1.00) goes into a fund used for promotion; purchases of coffee, snacks, equipment and materials; website hosting; and to support local community charities.

Pickin' Jam Sales: Profits from your $5.00 donation for jars of Pickin' Jam go into a fund used to produce The Lake Cumberland Jammers sponsored events, and to support local community charities.